Florida Post License


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This post license course explores a wide array of topics facing busy real estate agents, beginning with brokerage relationships. Then federal and Florida state laws affecting real estate are discussed including the Fair Housing Act, CERCLA, OSHA, ADA, and financing regulations. Students delve into ethics, planning for success and creating business plans, prospecting and marketing, and using the internet and social media to find clients and build a community.Next up is appraisal with an overview of approaches to value and preparing a comparative market analysis. Then the course examines the processes and challenges of working with sellers and buyers, such as the listing process, listing agreement, disclosures, showing houses, and writing offers. Students then explore sales contracts, negotiations, mortgage alternatives, and sources of home financing.An overview of the closing process follows, discussing title insurance, closing procedures and documents, and prorations. Also covered are the terms, advantages, and disadvantages of real estate investment.The last module focuses on property management, discussing the many different types of leases in detail, setting rents, handling tenants, and evictions.




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