Comfortable rooms, decadent dining, and a massive pool complex combine to make Resorts World an all-inclusive, unique Sin City experience, and the Hilton Tower gives guests affordable access to it all.  The vibe: The Hilton Tower at Resorts World offers the affordable luxury and comfort that has made the brand a household name. What we love: With Resorts World being so massive, you won’t need to leave the hotel grounds to fill your weekend with unforgettable fun. But we highly encourage you to venture out and explore Las Vegas. Sitting on the north end of the Strip means that you have just a short walk to all of the fantastic shopping, dining, and entertainment that the rest of Sin City has to offer.  Insider tips: It’s not called Resorts World for nothing, this place is HUGE, like, 88 acres huge. So once you drop off your bags try and take some time to walk around the resort and get your bearings. That way you won’t be wandering around aimlessly later when you’re trying to make it to your dinner reservation on time.  Good to know: Resorts World has spared no expense when it comes to bringing their guests a great time. Their pool complex covers over 5.5 acres with nine separate sparkling pools, each with its own style and vibe. Our personal favorite is the massive infinity pool that overlooks the flashing neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip.  Their nightlife options are just as diverse, with the killer AYU Dayclub that’ll transport you to the idyllic islands of Southeast Asia and the Zouk Nightclub, the most technologically advanced dance party in Las Vegas.   




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