New York OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training


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The 10-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program. Our course is designed to teach an entry level construction worker about workplace safety specifically for the construction industry. Students will learn about:Hazard recognitionAvoidanceAbatementPreventionIn addition to learning about safety and health hazards in the workplace, students will also learn about OSHA, employer responsibilities, and worker rights. OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers to reduce injuries and save lives. Workers must receive additional site specific training where required by OSHA standards.Students are automatically upgraded to a plastic DOL wallet card. These plastic cards are strong, durable, and won’t tear. Plus, they are easier to carry, harder to lose, and fit into any wallet like a credit card or driver’s license. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be shipped their course completion card within 2 weeks.var element = $(“div.CDL-kitSubscriptions-panel-wraper > div.CDL-kitSubscriptions-panel-right > input[id=’qty_1082718′]”); if( element.length) {var urlElement = element.parent().parent().find(“div.CDL-kitSubscriptions-panel-leftRight > div.CDL-kitSubscriptions-panel-middle > div.CDL-kitSubscriptions-include > ul.detail”);if(urlElement.length) {urlElement.append(‘Durable, Plastic DOL Wallet Card’);urlElement.append(‘DOL Card Shipped Within 2 Weeks’);}} var element2 = $(“div.prd-right-info-container > div.detailed-info > div[id=’courseListKitDiv’] > div.packageCoursesList”);if(element2.length) {var dolMsgExists = false;if (element2.has(‘font’)) { element2.find(‘font’).each (function() { if($(this).text() === ‘Now with a Durable, Plastic DOL Wallet Card – $20 Value’) { dolMsgExists = true;} } );}if(!dolMsgExists) { element2.append(‘
Now with a Durable, Plastic DOL Wallet Card – $20 Value‘);}}else { var element3 = $(“div.prd-right-info-container > div.detailed-info”); if(element3.length) {element3.before(‘

Now with a Durable, Plastic DOL Wallet Card – $20 Value

‘);} }




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