PZ15709F (Silver Frame / Frame (no lenses/ custom lenses))


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Why We Need Blue Block Lenses?

In addition to potentially harming your eyes over time, blue light can also lead to eye strain. If you have ever ended up with a wicked headache after staring intensely at an Excel spreadsheet for hours, you’re probably familiar with that particular discomfort. When we noted how blue light contributes to the sky looking blue, we mentioned that this is true because of how blue light scatters. Well, according to All About Vision, this same scattering of the blue light that emanates from screens makes for “unfocused visual ‘noise’ that reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain.”

Blue Block Lenses help reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light emitted from digital devices. Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers, and smartphones.

(Anti-blue lens can not block 100% of blue light, but we can effectively alleviate the fatigue caused by electronic products.)

Optical Frame (ONLY FRAME without Lenses)

  • Ultralight alloy metal Frame
  • The frame can be custom-fitted with myopia transparent lenses.

Note: If you buy it separately, only the frame does not have the lens, please select the lens according to the SPH (lens degree) you need.

If you are nearsightedness and wanna myopic lenses, please make sure the lens strength and pupil distance are correct.

Myopia Lenses Feature

  • Clear Vision
  • Resin with HMC Coating
  • Customization Degree

If you select the blue-blocking lens in this link and then click on the Aspherical Myopia Lenses, you will receive the blue lens (slightly yellow).

If you select the frame and click on the Aspherical Myopia Lenses, you will receive ordinary transparent myopic lenses.

Our combined lens products are universal pupil distance (PD=64mm) and the same degree for both eyes.

  • If your pupil distance is not 64mm, or your eyes have different degrees, please click on the link to fill in your correct prescription list.
  • Or you can click on the lower right corner to chat with us online.
  • Or contact us by email at [email protected]





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